Can't get my custom header to override "gridmarket" header image!

Hi, I'm using FrameMarket with the Gridmarket child theme. I cannot get the header to change to my custom header image! I've tried many times in the Theme Options dialogue area, Custom Header uploads, standard Wordpress page headers, etc. and either it just doesn't appear, OR I get an error message that the image is the wrong size and can't be used or cropped (it's very small and would fit in the space where it now says "gridmarket.") Very frustrating -- any suggestions please?
It almost seems like the header image, "gridmarket," is dynamically called from WPMU DEV server and therefore inaccessible, which is very frustrating. Thanks in advance -- I realize it's sunday!

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings BD,

    Thank you for bringing up this significant issue and great question.

    The first thing to check is that your /wp-content/upload folder is permission-ed 755 on a solo WordPress installation and the same for /wp-content/blogs.dir if a MultiSite installation.

    Please advise on the status of these folder permissions.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Barbara Davis
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    OK, permissions on my wp-content upload, plugins, themes, and index.php files and folders is all chmod 755.

    PS, I discovered the "gridmarket" words are text, not an image, for which I feel sheepish; I was able to change the words, but still not happy with the big size and the Cooper Black font.

    Still, I'm thrilled to have help on anything so thank you very much - would still like to know if it's possible to add a custom header logo.


  • Barbara Davis
    • Flash Drive

    Joe, I think I'm posting replies in two different places now, I'll check on that...
    Re: the link to the post you made for Anne, I do think I have the structure right. See attached screen grab. In the root of my Wordpress site, the path is:
    framemarket (parent theme folder)
    gridmarket (child theme at same directory level as parent theme)

    I took the "gridmarket" child theme OUT of the framemarket/theme folder and schlepped it one directory up, so it's on the same level and therefore accessible to the theme options in Wordpress.

    Is that what you're ascertaining? I can see the Gridmarket theme and have already added some products to the product list grids, just can't seem to make a change on the header.

    thanks again!

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