Can't get Social Theme to work in full

Tried to search but cannot find what in the world i did.

i have the social theme as on the root theme "". the site activity works if i use a static page under reading setup in admin panel.
but all other tabs...give me this response when trying to access them:

Permission Denied
Not Found / No Access The page you are looking for either does not exist, or you do not have the permissions to access it.

the links at top take me for example: blogs(5) take me to a page on sub blog instead of listing them in the front blog.

for your info, i moved original blog i had from / to and the social theme is now under / as i wanted to keep a newspaper type feel to a couple of the blogs.

i wouild appreciate any help in tell me what stupid thing i did. the sign up button won't work unless i point it to


  • Bigdreams
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    i may have done that.... when i joined wpmudev it was for a theme that would allow me to have a good sign in (register) with buddypress etc as current them was nasty. i had it (social theme) originally on but every time someone registered it went to the ole ugly and same with other queries on social theme.

    so i went to site admin under each specific blog, and basically tried to flip them, i put to and the blog i had the social community theme "" to

    the reason i did all the flipping was when i had main blog at and tried to activate the social theme, it simply broke things.... the screen would go white, and i'd have to go back in through another blog and change the themes back in the edit areas what is weird it seems to be working except the links described above.

    sorry if i've confused you. would it be easier to tackle the permission problem or revert things and tackle the theme activation problem.? i kinda like the way it's going to work now with the social theme in front and the newspaper type page in as a secondary....just wish i can get the links to work on theme now. would it help go visit site to see what is happening.

  • Bigdreams
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    james (whomever), please ignore and/or delete the previous post...i just put it back as original until i can find a accomplish things

    what i'm trying to accomplish is: simply put the social page on top. i try to change basic home theme to social and it breaks. goes white screen...

    i'm trying to do this as i really don't like how the social theme which i have currently have a second level blog at, as it goes to current main theme and flips back and forwards. the login is ugly, etc.

    if i can just get main blog to use social theme, i can just create a new front-page blog with layout newspaper theme of current main blog. what is weird, the main blog will allow me to switch to BP default theme but not your social theme available from here. could it because the BP default theme allows current pages in tab bar.

  • Bigdreams
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    matter fact i just tried to download scholar theme to activate on main blog (thinking i had to much content, pages, etc.)..... i must be missing something really simple. just like the social theme, i get a white page. themes are showing on theme installed admin page. all of them (both main and child theme) won't preview or activate.

    what i'm i doing wrong, feel like an idiot.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    @Bigdreams: Perhaps you deactivated something else as both Social and Scholar will work without buddypress with just wpmu or wordpress - all our themes for buddypress do now. I'd say it possibly was something else rather than just buddypress being switched off?

    Ah sorry misread that you said buddypress template pack - what is this not sure about what you are referring to here. You can only have one buddypress theme active. If you mean backwards compatibility plugin then yes that will cause issues as all our themes are updated to 1.2.1

  • Bigdreams
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    when i first started using newest buddypress version i was using a theme that was not buddypress compatible. that was before i found your great site....i had just downloaded the plug "buddypress templete pack", but the register pages etc looked really clunky. then i joined, downloaded social theme as community page "secondary blog" but that didn't work so great as it mostly went back to home page with "listings, ie blogs, members under the main non-buddypress theme header"

    so i decided to try and move flip community page blog to front, and newspaper type page around...(ended up activating social theme on main blog, then exported posts to a secondary (frontpagenews blog, using newspaper layout).

    with the plugin mentioned above activated it was blocking the social theme activation on main blog. i finally got everything semi-done.

    with everyones help, thanks!

    reason i tried to explain this all again, as it may help someone who had the same conversion problem as i did. "idiot alert"


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