Cant get stripe and subscriptions to work

Hei again,

So i cant get my subscriptions to work :disappointed:
I have installed pro site, activated stripe as gateway, added the correct webhook to stripe (i can see my plans), and added the stripe API keys to pro sites (and in the stripe log i can see a something happen). BUT, when a user choose a plan, fill out the form, enter the credit card details and submit, it says "processing" and just reloads the page, with this message:

Activate your site

Your site ( has been reserved but is not yet activated.

Once payment has been processed your site will become active with your chosen plan. Your reservation only last for 48 hours upon which your site name will become available again.

Please use the form below to setup your payment information.

So basically nothing is happening.
Any suggestions on how to fix this...?

You can test at:

The site is not a live site, but a work in progress.

Maybe a support staff can access and the site and check my settings...?
Support access is ACTIVE until 8. October 2015 06:01