can't get subscriptions working

I've become stuck.
I created several subscriptions while getting used to the software and made a test payment thru paypal solo and all went well.
I went on to create some new subscriptions and, when out of admin, I tried to click the paypal button and nothing happened. (small square box next to paypal logo not present).
So, I cleared all test subscribers - also checked on MYSql - and deleted all subscriptions hoping for a fresh start. Activated and made public,
Created just one and the problem persists.
Please help - running out of steam
Can be seen at

Thanks, Ben

  • DavidM
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    Hi Ben,

    That's really weird, I went through the registration process and after pressing the PayPal button, the registration section merely cleared, with no further options. I thought it might have been javascript related but there's no javascript errors showing.

    To start with, could you let us know how the Subscription and Gateway is setup? Perhaps providing a screenshot of the Subscription settings?

    Also, does the same thing occur when you're logged in as Admin?

    If possible, giving the beta version provided in the following thread a try might just fix this.


  • BenDevlin
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    Hi, thanks for your note.
    On your advice I installed the new membership plugin, activated the gateways and retried.
    Frustratingly, no change.
    Also tried deactivating any other plugins - no change.
    Took a look inside MySql - couldn't see a file relating to gateways - did nothing.
    I'm sure that it's bad internet etiquette ... but we are chatting on a members only forum - could I ask/beg that you pop in to the site under admin and take a look. My hope is that you'll see that I've just done something stupid that can be fixed easily.
    Admin Panel:
    U: admin
    P: esPvkojh

    Thanks. Ben

  • BenDevlin
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    Hi there,
    I used the membership repair to look for any problems and this jumped out:
    Checking fields in table : wp_m_subscriptions_levels -
    sub_id - Ok
    level_id - Ok
    level_period - Ok
    sub_type - Ok
    level_price - Missing or Incorrect
    level_currency - Ok
    level_order - Ok
    level_period_unit - Ok

    Any thoughts on how to resolve?


  • BenDevlin
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    Oh dear - me again.

    I'm going to stop fiddling now until someone's given me gentle advice - I managed to delete my admin settings in PHP and have only just resurfaced with a new admin account.

    The top line of my problem is that Paypal Express with Single payments doesn't click thru. The other paypal gateway does.

    Don't understand why - it did last week.

    My new 'admin' password is annaanna1

    Hope someone can shed some light - thanks. Ben

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