Can't Get URL Groups to Work

Hi, not sure what I'm doing wrong, but am going to try to be as complete as I can with communications to get a hopefully fast response.

I really like the Membership plugin, and am currently working with WordPress 3.3.1 and have the WPMUdev Premium Plugin 2.1.4.

My site is NOT multi- nor does it use BuddyPress. Just plain old wordpress with plugins.

My site is for a condo association, and the sandbox address is

My membership levels are Visitor, Resident, Officer, and Administrator. Visitor is set up as my Stranger level, and each level should be able to see the content for their level and all lower levels. (i.e. Officers can see Visitor, Resident and Officer content, but not Administrator). Administrator in this case, refers to the condo association administrator, and is not the same as my super-admin as site designer.

I have successfully set up the Categories, and the plug in is appropriately filtering content in the Categories menu, however, you can't click on the category to see the content without getting sent to the no-access page. I currently have one post and one page created for each membership level.

Any help on getting the URL Groups to behave will be greatly appreciated.