Can't log in to my admin panels

So, last night I noticed that my wordpress sites went down briefly and then came back up. This evening I went to have a look in the admin panel to see that all was well. My username and / or password would not let me into my admin panel on several of my sites, when I tried the forgot my password link, I received a 404 error. I opened my cpanels just fine, opened phpadmin and had a look to see what my wp_user was, it was the correct username and I then tried to edit the password, created a new MD5 hash, pasted it in as per this article and saved, tried to log in to wp-admin and it was still like the username and password was wrong. Any ideas on how I can proceed? I am concerned that someone last night brute forced in and messed stuff up. The sites seem to be displaying everything okay at this time though, I just can't get control of them anymore.