Can't login to sites on Multi domains


I have a multisite installation, where I've installed the multi-domain plugin. I've used it in the beginning when I setup the site, where it worked as it should. I deleted the added multi domains, because I didn't need it at that time. I'm now in the situation where i need to use the multi domains. I've setup the multidomain and according to the system, it works fine. When I instal it, the subdomain works, but I can't login to the subdomain, so I cant change the content of the subdomain. ( When I try to login it wont accept my login details.. Ive tried to reset the password a couple of times, but doesn't make a difference.

What can this be?

I've granted support access, so you can look at it.. I attached the screenshot of the domain setup, so you can see if I did something wrong somewhere..