Can't login to subsite multi-domains

I just installed multi-site with multi-domains plugin and domain mapping.

I can create a subsite on the different domains, but I can't access them even when logged in as a super admin. When I click on dashboard from the My Sites menu I get redirected to the login page. If I try to login it just redirects me to the same login page with a url that looks like

Here's the setup I have.
VPS with dedicated IP
PHP 5.3 MySQL 5.1

Wordpress 3.5.1
Multidomain 1.2.3
Domain mapping 3.2.4
renamed dm_sunrise.php to sunrise.php and moved to wp-content
Cleared cookies, cache, opened up a new browser
disabled all other plugins


PS I don't know if this may help, but I have 4 parked domains I'm using for this set up. when I type in the url for 2 of the parked domains I am re-directed to my home page. The other 2 take me to the registration page of my They are all set up exactly the same :disappointed: