Can't logout of BP site, Can't login to subsites, Can't get to subsites wp-admin

My site is self destructing. It was working fine a few days ago. Then, it developed a login problem with the subsites. Now I have the following problems:

1. I cannot logout of my admin login on my BuddyPress main site, using either the top gray bar or the BP Logout button ... on

2. This admin login gets me to the backend of my main BP site but it will no longer get me into the backend of any subsites.

3. It is impossible for anyone to login to any of my subsites, e.g., and the header image no longer shows on the WP default theme.

4. At least one subsite does not even display the WP default 20-10 theme, e.g.,

5. Before this, I was trying to use the Login with Ajax plugin. But it would not process the login information and got stuck in the process mode.

Thanks for any ideas on how to get my site working again,


  • exberry

    Thanks, Richie.
    A few hours ago, I loaded my backup from last night but that did not solve the problem.

    Following your suggestion, I just did the network update. I can now get to the dashboard of some but not all subsites. The ones I cannot get to return me to the main BP home page.

    By the way, I am using domain mapping to all subsites.

    I am using BP 1.2.6

    Also, many links to images in the subsites are broken.

    Now I will try your hard upgrade suggestion.



  • exberry

    Additional information:

    (The hard upgrade link did not take me to a usable location.)

    Of 10 subsites, I can get into the dashboard of only one. This site has lost its special header. I attempted to upload the header again but the Header selection of the 20-10 theme refuses to accept any uploaded headers. Is this a WP 3.02 problem?

    I can view 8 of the 10 the subsites. Two return me to the BP home page. All 8 viewable sites with special headers have lost their header images. The only headers that show are the default 20-10 headers. All sites also have lost the images in their posts.

    But the 2 big problems are: I can't access dashboards of 9 subsites and no one can't login to any subsites.

    Could this be a hacker attack? If so, is there a remedy to restore my files?


  • Richie_KS

    seem like all image link did not work in sub site..did you change upload path?
    did you do manual wp update or auto?

    try this step:

    - deactivate all bp related plugins including buddypress
    - manual ftp upload the latest wordpress v3.0.2
    - run the hard upgrade and update site thro super admin -> updates again
    - activate buddypress and any related bp plugin

    *domain mapping
    did you overwrite your htaccess when upgrading..

    - create a dummy sub test site and post a dummy content in post and attach image..see if
    the image can now showed..

    as long as your super admin login work..just enter any subsite and check the super admin can check the Super admin -> site ->blogname-edit

    recheck the main site settings.

  • exberry

    Richie, thanks again for very useful information. Here are the quick answers then I will follow all your suggestions.

    I updated WP using the internal update inside the WP admin. I can, of course, do a manual WP update on top of this.

    I did not change any upload paths. However, you are right on target because I did create and use a special upload directory for my images. I will now move all my images into the default folders.

    Domain mapping. Yes, I will check. I think I had to make an edit to the .htaccess file to use domain mapping.

    I can use the super admin when in my main BP site but I can get into the dashboard of only one subsite.

    I will now follow through with the obvious things I should do and report on the results.

    Thanks again,


  • exberry

    Here is a partial update and a new list of problems.

    The update to WP 3.02 caused many problems. So, I followed the WPMU instructions:

    My wp-config.php file was OK. However, the wp update replaced my .htaccess file with its new one. So I added back all the files as in the instructions. Many things are now working better but I need to fix the following problem before I can make a complete check:

    Now, I am missing the top gray bar. Its contents are displayed below the wp admin interface.

    How do I get back my top gray bar?



  • exberry

    Hi Mason, Thanks for checking in on my problem.

    Here is a new update:

    I can get into the dashboard of all subsites. Good news.

    I can view 7 of the 10 subsites and the links to their header images now work. The other 3 subsites return the host default page. This would be the first problem to solve because it may also solve some of the next problems.

    The top gray admin bar shows on 5 of the 10 sites.

    The login carries forward to 4 of the 10 sites.



  • exberry

    Here is a simple test that allows you to see the first problem I have:

    Go to, and click on the button Climate Physics: you will be properly taken to

    I am using domain mapping on all my subsites in directory mode, so takes us to

    Now, back in, click on the button PolyMontana:
    you will be taken to which takes us to the HostMonster default page and does not get domain mapped to

    But simply typing "" into a browser takes us to the proper site, proving it is working.

    But pressing the "home" menu takes us back to HostMonster.

    In summary, 7 subsites work properly and 3 do not work properly. The HostMonster tech cannot see any difference in how my domains are setup. I cannot see any differences in how I have set up WP or domain mapping for the subsites. Yet there is some reason 3 subsites do not work properly. I am using Parked domains for all my subdomains.

    It sounds to me like a domain mapping problem. What do you think?



  • exberry

    Let's continue the saga.

    Here are some instructions that should be added to Domain Mapping:

    After adding Domain Mapping to a subdomain, be sure to change all menus that call the domain, even the Home page menu,



    I was not doing this but by making all these changes, domain mapping now actually works as advertised. (It is also important to Park all subdomains and to delete any directory files that may have been created while the subdomain was an AddOn domain.)

    Not shown in the Domain Mapping instructions is a flow diagram. I assumed I should have menus directed to the true site structure and that Domain Mapping would reset this after the domain was called. This may happen some of the time but not all the time. The only sure way is to set menus as shown above.

    Now, I am left with only one remaining problem and it is minor compared to where I was yesterday but still critical to be solved.

    Because of the login problem I had, I now have a login problem. Let me explain:

    I tried using the Login with Ajax plugin. It is cool if it only worked. But it does not accomplish the login. However, the three subsites where I experimented with Login with Ajax now will not carry over the login from the main site, and cannot be logged into locally.

    In other words, Login with Ajax left a mark on the subsites where I tested it. This mark now prevents any login from being carried into these sites.

    Where should I look to delete the mark left by Login with Ajax?



  • Mason

    Hiya Ed,

    Glad you're getting it sorted. I know it's been quite a hassle.

    After adding Domain Mapping to a subdomain, be sure to change all menus that call the domain, even the Home page menu,

    Were these links 'hard coded' in some way (through the theme or with custom menu nav). If so, yes, they'll have to be re-entered.

    Most of the time, the domains being added aren't first implemented as 'add on' domains and changed to parked domains. If this is the case, then yes, you'll have to delete the folders created on the server as well.

    I believe the domain mapping plugin only sets up the specific sub-site to be mapped to the requested domain. In other words, it doesn't do any redirecting for other sites that have hard-coded links. I'll ask Ulrich to verify this though.

    As to the Login with Ajax plugin, I don't have any experience with it. Does it create it's own tables in the database for some reason? If so, you should be able to look at the plugin files and find the mySQL statements in order to delete those from your database.


  • exberry

    Final update:

    Logins now carry forward to all subsites. I did not do anything special to get this to happen except, perhaps, way down at the bottom of Options, I changed the Administrative Mapping to Mapped Domain.

    Login with Ajax did not cause any problems except it did not work.

    All my above problems were first caused by the upgrade to WP 3.02 overwriting my .htaccess file.

    Secondary problems were caused by my not having all the settings proper for Domain Mapping. I have suggested additions to the Domain Mapping instructions that might solve these problems for other users.

    @ Mason, to answer your question: Yes, I am talking about the path hard-coded into the custom menus. They need to be set to the mapped domain rather that the original domain.

    Thanks to everyone for your help,


  • Ulrich

    @Mason: I believe the domain mapping plugin only sets up the specific sub-site to be mapped to the requested domain. In other words, it doesn't do any redirecting for other sites that have hard-coded links. I'll ask Ulrich to verify this though.

    Since, the plugin will redirect the original url to the mapped domain, any hard-coded link on other sites will be redirected to the mapped domain even if the links are not changed on the other sites.

  • exberry

    @Ulrich, I don't know what is inside the code but my experience is very clear.

    When I had the hard-coded paths in custom menus set to the original domains, login access to some sites worked and to others it did not. It was flaky. Login carry-overs were unpredictable and changed with each test. Furthermore, sometimes the path to a subsite took me to my host's default page.

    Now that I have set all menus to point to the mapped domains and Administrative Mapping set to Mapped Domain, all my sub-sites perform flawlessly. All logins carry properly from site to site.


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