Can't make Supporter 2.0.4 to work on signup for Buddypress


Just did a fresh install of Buddypress here:

I've tried activating supporter and making it work on the signup page.

While I do see the supporter form on the signup page,
If I choose the "I'm Interested" option, it still won't take me to the paypal payment page.

After signup I can see supporter working just fine on the dashboard.

In addition trying to make it work using the url
(I don't know if it's related):

wp-signup.php - loads blank as well as wp-signup.php?Supporter=1

I've read a similar post on the forum but the problem there was that the free days option was turned on and I have free days set to 0.

I just can't seem to get this to work.

This site is not up so feel free to try and signup and play around if you like.

Many thanks,