can't purchase tickets with Events+ / Marketpress getting empty cart error

i'm beating my head against a wall now.. Having a really hard time getting these plugins set up.

I'm using membership 2, Events+ and Marketpress. I've got the membership sign up, payment and login done. Now, i'd like members to be able to purchase tickets to events. Members should see one prices while non-members (not signed in) should see another.

Also, they should be able to pay via stripe (using marketpress).

Right now, i'm SO close to having this all working. However, when anyone (logged in or not) clicks "attending" a message pops up that says, "you haven't paid yet,click here to purchase.." -> once clicked they are taken to an empty cart... How do i get the event into the cart when they click that link?!

I've tried setting the events up as products but that wouldn't show prices based on logged in status.

I've tried setting the price from the default "is this a paid event" but it leads to an empty cart...

What am i missing???

Thank you!!