can't reach dashboard on subsites - redirect loop

I can log in via the front end and the admin bar appears at the top of the screen, but when I try to jump to the dashboard on any of my sites, I get sent to the wp-login.php page and get stuck in a redirect loop.

Tried network disabling all plugins and switched the main theme, but no luck.

A bit freaked as I just launched this network and now users can't access their sites!

  • peter_harris
    • Syntax Hero

    Tried a browser restart after removing some custom code* from my functions.php file and can now get back in. Interesting to discover that a simple refresh doesn't reload the functions file! Good to know!

    *from the folks at User Meta Pro which really should be called User Meta Amateur as it's terribly buggy and incompatible with most everything. Warning to other WPMU members! Hope WPMU can eventually develop a plugin like there's as I know yours will knock them out of the water!

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