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Hello- I hope you can help me! I just migrated my blogger site to WP and went live yesterday. It was doing ok yesterday but today it’s taking about 5 mins to load a page. I was told to do the which timed out repeatedly. I upgraded to PRO and now it’s saying “Oh Snap! Seems like Smush Pro server is not reachable, you can try back in some time.” HELP??

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @jessica Williams, it’s Michael from the live chat session earlier today. :slight_smile:

    As discussed there, one thing that we both noticed was that the site was running unusually slow, I even ran into a 508 error at one point.

    What kind of hosting do you have presently? And did you try disabling the other plugins on your site, and switching to the Twenty Fifteen theme, to see if that got things going here?

    Please advise,


  • Jessica Williams
    • New Recruit

    Hi Michael,

    I had RFE Hosting take care of the error problems. I am brand new to WordPress- I just migrated from Blogger and went live yesterday. I am going to be honest here- I don’t understand why I’d need to disaple all my plug-ins and change themes just to use your product? Is there no other way to make this work?

  • Jessica Williams
    • New Recruit

    Is there any way I can get a refund for the PRO version I purchased today? After trying to get my issue resolved with tech support, I was completely unable to. I finally deactivated PRO and reactiviated the free version and — lo and behold, it works and I am smushing my files, lol. I will request a refund on Paypal- and I’d appreciate your assistance with this.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your replies and just to quickly clarify, the reason we often ask for you to try disabling plugins and switching themes is because there may be a conflict among them causing an issue.

    That’s actually common procedure when encountering issues in WordPress. We’ve got a troubleshooting guide here that can help to explain it:

    It’s not that we want you to not use other plugins, it’s only for testing purposes that we ask to try deactivating them, just a temporary thing to help find a conflict.

    Does that make sense?

    As you’ve emailed about this, I’ll mention a bit more there, I just wanted to be sure to clarify what we had in mind about it here. Since these are support forums, I’ll discuss the refund issue in that email as well.

    Thanks Jessica!


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