BuddyPress: Can't Register New BP Account, Help!

I don’t know why, but users can’t register a new member account with buddypress on my site now. Here is my registration page. After entering in details and clicking the submit button, it just reloads the same page again. Why would this be happening? This is very bad. Could someone try registering a new user on this page? This is the case for all sites in my network. Register page just keeps reloading and I can’t create new users. Thanks!!


  • coreymj78
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    It even does it with the default BP theme and all plugins disabled. Also, I have made sure that “User Accounts May Be Registered” is checked. This is really bad, I really really really need help, please someone help me, my client will be upset if his site is not ready by deadline.

    UPDATE: it is not uppercase letters issue, either, made sure of that.

    UPDATE: I just found out that BuddyPress does this same exact thing whenever any action for input submission takes place. For example, I just tried creating a new group (with my existing super admin user) and after entering the title and group description, I hit the button and it just reloaded the same page once again. I don’t have any caching plugins installed, besides, I already tried deactivating all plugins. What in the world?

    *pulls hair out*

  • coreymj78
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    BuddyPress is just not accepting any data input at all. It’s as if it’s being blocked and the same page just reloads every time you do anything, create a group, delete a group, register, edit profile… nothing can be submitted at all.

  • primated
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    Go look at you home page, you have all kinds of code showing. I’m thinking that it’s either a Database problem or an issue with your hosting company.

    Until you figure out the issue, you have more problems then registering.

    Copy your theme folder to your local computer, then export your database.

    Do a fresh install of Buddypress and see if it’s a hosting issue or a Db issue. If it’s a hosting issue, you’ll still have the same problems. If it’s a Db issue, it should be fixed.

    Also, before you do that, deactivate all of your plugins, except Buddypress and see if that fixes it. If it does, activate your Plugins one at a time and find the offending Plugin and then don’t use that plugin.

    But all of your code is showing, so you have a big problem. Don’t just try things out of the blue, you need to do step by step trouble shooting.

  • coreymj78
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    No, those are just shortcodes on that page, and that is just because I switched themes, that is just code that was originally in my home page, its part of the other theme, shortcodes that only the original theme understands. here i’ll switch it…


    Can you please try to see if you can register? I would like to know if others are able to submit data or if it’s just me. Why won’t BP accept any data input at all? And why all of a sudden is it doing this? Could it be permissions? Also, I already said that I tried disabling my plugins and reverting to default theme. Doesn’t really seem like a database issue since it just started doing this, but why would it be a hosting issue? Can i just try re-installing BuddyPress without saving theme folder and exporting database (i have no groups or settings I need to save) and see if that fixes it?

    UPDATE: I’ve already confirmed that users can’t sign up and no data can be input into BP at all. I just surprises me that no one has run across this before. Doesn’t it seem like a permissions thing?? What could be blocking data from being submitted and then reloading the same form pages again?


  • coreymj78
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    I tried completely deleting all BP plugins, including BP itself as well as all tables in the DB with wp_bp in it as directed on the BP site. I then reinstalled BP through the WP plugins Add New area again. It didn’t ask me to go through the installation wizard again, and when I went to the settings, most of my settings were already there and the pages were already connected. This didn’t seem right to me, especially since I had cleared out all the BP tables and cache files as well.

    And sure enough, when trying to register and account or do anything else, same problem. *sigh*

    I’m really going crazy here, I’ve tried absolutely everything, what can I do???

  • coreymj78
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    So in an effort to try to fix the BP problem, some of the wp_bp tables were deleted from the database as well as some of the the bp tables from wp_options and now the theme is not loading the following required files, even though there are still at the correct locations on the server:







    events-manager.js (for an events plugin)

    What can I do do remedy this? Check it out:


  • coreymj78
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    OK I fixed the theme issue, some dummy told me to change my htaccess file and when I changed it back all was fine, almost. But I’d really like to get this BP thing fixed. My hosting company said they haven’t done anything.

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