Can't remove Variation and also some other ideas

I see the red x to remove the last variation but I can't seem to remove the ones in the middle. I have over 15 variations but no red X is appearing to remove 1-14 options. What gives?

Also was wondering if the Variations portion of the store was gonna get some much needed love as this becomes a hindering ordeal over time of having to re-enter the same values of variations for the different products that I have. W-E-commerce did it a smart way and kinda separated variations into it's own area of the store, and when you go to add a new product, you just indication which variation (category) it belonged to as well (as this listed all variations).

Just adding my 2cent. Thanks. I'm loving MP thus far, just a a few I just wish this.......

Also resorting variations by dragging and drop after it's saved would be a wonderful feature as well.