Can't replace "Proudly powered by WordPress" Text at the bottom of network sites

Hey guys... I'm hoping to get some help for something I'm sure is quite simple. I can't seem to find any answer yet on this forum so if it's been answered already, I'm sorry.

I'm trying to replace the text at the bottom of every multisite sub site. The text I want to replace, is the "Proudly powered by WordPress" text. I understand that this is a link as well, at the bottom of the site. I want this part branded with my own brand instead.

I tried using the Ultimate Branding plugin to do it, because this article says I can (actually says it quite directly).

However, I can't seem to do it at all. If I use the Global footer text add on, it adds it to the very bottom of the pages, and look terrible when displayed. It also adds content to the footer, not replacing the existing one.

Then I thought I'd use that Text Replace add on that's on there, and replace any instance of "Proudly powered by WordPress" - But that doesn't work either. Nothing happens. I then tried to include the anchor tags in the text as well, telling it to replace this text:
<a href="">Proudly powered by WordPress</a>
With this text:
Supercharged by <a href="">Pryor Media</a>

Still no luck. In fact this command actually appears to break a lot of things, since half of the text within windows goes missing and regular buttons that are used around the site (like submitting comments) also breaks when I try this.

In between attempts, I'm using several browsers with caching cleared and disabled, I've cleared W3 Total Cache everywhere as well, and have restarted php5-fpm to dump opcache as well as restarted NGinx (although that last step probably doesn't help at all anyways).

Still no luck. How can I rebrand this on every theme network wide always, so that I never see it anywhere?

Thanks for your time folks.

- Charlie

  • PC

    Hey there Charlie,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Generally every theme contains that link in the Footer.php file and the best way to change that is using a child theme and a custom footer.php with that bit changed as per your needs.

    The reason is that a single search and replace query in Ultimate Branding can not work for every theme.

    I can have a closer look at your site and see what should be the right search query in order to replace that text. Sometimes it happens that due to some special characters in the code, the search replace does not work.

    Can you please enable support access via :

    WordPress Dashboard >> WPMU DEV Dashboard >> Support >> Staff Access >> Grant Access.

    If you have not installed WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin yet, kindly do that here : and then allow access as per the above process.

    Cheers, PC

  • Dave Bell

    Hey Charlie - try adding the following to your functions.php. I have already edited your URL into the code.

    class Translation_Util {
      function filter_gettext($translation, $text, $domain) {
      $translations = &get_translations_for_domain( $domain );
      if ( $text == 'Proudly powered by %s' ) {
       return $translations->translate( '<a href="">Supercharged by Pryor Media</a>.' );
      return $translation;
     add_filter('gettext', array('Translation_Util', 'filter_gettext'), 10, 4);

    Let me know how you go?


  • be

    Hey Charlie.
    We use and do in fact replace
    Powered by on all our sites/Multisites..
    The Text replace uses the "translate" features
    Ie you cannot translate links sites etc - in fact anything that "breaks" functions..

    If you want to use Ultimate branding - Can you try and change the
    1 - proudly powered by
    to Supercharged with
    2 wordpress
    to pryormedia
    Then maybe

    However note this will throw out the wordpress dashboard links if you intend to use them..

    If it is theme specific across a network using something like Blog Templates
    you can replace that text directly on the theme but it will be overwritten with each update unless you make a child theme..

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey Charlie,

    So the issue is that you're not targeting one text domain and WordPress is also outside of any text domain. They replace it using the print_r function.

    <a href=&quot;<?php echo esc_url( __( '', 'flat' ) ); ?>&quot; title=&quot;<?php esc_attr_e( 'Semantic Personal Publishing Platform', 'flat' ); ?>&quot;><?php printf( __( 'Proudly powered by %s', 'flat' ), 'WordPress' ); ?></a>.

    So in the UB plugin for this theme you need to use:

    Proudly powered by %s

    The URL has it's own translatable string as does the title for the link. See my screenshot for an example. :slight_smile:

    Take care.