Can't Reply to Any Support Tickets {Vaughan}

I am paying $19 a month and cannot reply to any of my tickets. This is for Vaughan who just replied to me:

Uninstalling the free version of Smushit will not fix the issue. Michael was looking into why it froze in the middle of batch #3. Everything was working find and then it froze. I cannot use it as a single smush - it says API is not available and when I try to fetch it just goes on an endless search. Please get Michael to email me what is happening at

In the meantime we need to smushit on upload - we cannot afford to fall even more behind. I have been trying to use the bulk Pro version for 3 weeks now for roughly 5k+ of my remaining photos. I'm frustrated that I paid for this plugin and we cannot get it to work now going into 4 weeks.