Can't see images LayerSlide and Justified Image grid in Mac


I can not see images neither with LayerSlider plugin nor with Justifed Image Grid in my website with Mac (I tried from a Macbook pro and from an ipad and I can not see the images; in Windows It works fine). In the homepage there is an slider on the heroshot. The text of every image is shown but the image is not shown (this problem only happens in Mac, in Windows it works fine). On the same homepage there's a section with a "justified image grid" (plugin). All images are shown properly from Windows devices. However images are not shown in Mac (Macbook pro and Ipad I tested).

I checked that these plugins work fine in ipad/mac and they do. There URL in ipad work fine (all images are shown properly):

I don't know why it does not work in my website (using upfront+scribe), so that's why I ask you for help.

Thanks in advace,
Marcel Odena