Can't see the Facebook Like button on BuddyPress Activity screen


I am using Ultimate Facebook with BuddyPress and the Social theme.

I have added the “Like button” feature for the activity page. It used to work just fine, but now the like buttons are gone from the Activity screen (screenshot attached).

Trying to uninstall the plugin, deleting the plugin files, and copying new ones doesn’t seem to fully reset the settings.

When I try to reinstall the plugin, it seem to remember all the previous settings/details (APP id, APP secret, etc. ).

Upgrading to the new version just released (v2.2.2) also doesn’t solve the issue.

Are there settings that are saved to the DB (or maybe, written to the cache) , and are not cleaned by the deactivating process?

If so, how can I fully reset the plugin?

By the way, I do see the Like button on regular “Post” pages.