Can't see uploaded images in post/pages

When I load up images and paste into a post or pages, I can see the images perfectly when I am logged in but no-one else can. If you go to:

You will see that I have a test post that should show my avatar picture (same as the one I have here) but it just shows a small white question mark in a blue box!

Exactly the same thing is happening in other pages I have created that require a subscription to see. I can see them perfectly with my login but when my wife is logged in under her account, she can see the pages but not the photos.

I inserting the images by uploading the image to the media library. Then when in the post or page, I am selecting the media button, going to the media library, selecting the image (clicking "show"), then selecting "insert into post".

I have the membership plugin and the 133 Theme Pack - currently running Arclite

Can anyone help?