Can't select Provider Location - keeps refreshing to default

I have a page with all_appointments on it. I also am showing the Provider Locations and the Services on that same page. I thought that selecting those would filter what showing in all_appointments.

1. Is that not true? Or is there a way to filter (not sort) the list I'm looking at? So I can see all appointments for Service X or Service Y independently?

2. I can sort all the columns individually by clicking on the header, except for the "Provider" column. I can click on it, but nothing happens.

Thanks all!

  • David

    Yes, sorry.

    When I place a provider control, and set auto-refresh, it just refreshes the page but doesn't let me 'stay' on that provider. See here:

    Feel free to play with that. I've tried it with "required", without, with multiple controls, without. As you'll see on this page, not only am I having dropdown selection issues, but then it filters the wrong provider and writes to the page yet another providers name.

    I'm trying to see the availability to "masters", first selected by location. So I pick "Boise", then I wanted it to drill down to 'service', then picking the service gives me available masters. I thought that's how it worked.

  • David

    I still get wonky behavior. For example, do this:

    Start on that page clean (the Masters Availability Schedule - Boise).
    Select Amarillo, TX from the Provider Location.
    It will give me the provider "Crossett's RV Webuser", which is the Provider for Crossett RV's, not Texas RV's.

    The layout right now isn't important to me, so maybe we can start over: I guess I should ask the question this way: How can I start at "locations", then drill down to "providers", then based on my selection drill down further to "services". Or alternatively, am I supposed to pick the "services" first and then "providers"? What is the supported order?

    P.S. I like 'autorefresh'. Having to select the button is a bad user experience, especially when you end up with more than one on a page - it gets confusing on how to use it, even for me. I.E. If I have a provider and a service button to hit, which one first? How do I know what is triggering/filtering what? You don't have to answer, that's just why I don't like to use it.

    Thank you!

  • David

    Let me clarify how this is being used:

    I have Masters and Revealers in various locations across the country (don't worry about timezone, still solving that one). Masters provide training for RV Dealerships, while Revealers work onsite at the dealer and schedule the Masters. I need the dealer to have their 'own' calendar which only they and a local Revealer can see (I got that done). They will schedule RV deliveries (done). Then the Revealer can see all the RV deliveries of all dealers in all locations (given that filtering is not super supported, since I can only filter one). The Revealer then needs to schedule a Master, who is another provider.

    The dealer can schedule themselves services A, B, and C. The Master performs services 1, 2, and 3. One of my problems was that when the dealer logged in, he was seeing all ABC123 since they shared locations as supported services.

    I solved the problem by having each Dealer be it's own Location, so that way I can assign services to that location - otherwise they all show up. So now the dealer only sees services bound to him (A, B, C) and Masters can see Services bound to their city location (i.e. Boise and 1,2,3).

    So what I'm trying to build now is an 'admin' page (the on Master Availability Schedule). I want to be able to pick a CITY (not a 'dealer' that is pretending to be a location, although if they all have to show that works). Then after they select the location, they get a list of services. The should only see 1,2,3 from the Masters that are assigned to that city. Then we can schedule the Master!

    This is a big deal for us. We are scaling nationally, and I just committed to Appointments+ and cancelled my Birchpress service. So we're in it now. Anything helps - thank you!

  • David

    You can see this happening right now if you go to

    If you select a provider, it'll refresh the page and set the drop down back to the first selection (which was Boise). I think the location is still selected "in the background", but it's just wonky behavior. I can't figure out what is driving what. To reiterate my notes, this is all I'm trying to make happen: Pick a location. Then ONLY the services that are available show up. Then select a service, and then ONLY the providers available will show up to be selected. I thought that's pretty much the whole point! I'm ok if providers came first and then services, but I can't figure out the "hierarchy" of what drives what...

  • Vaughan

    Hi David,

    Apologies on the delay.

    I'm attaching the latest beta version of appointments to this post as it includes some fixes for locations.

    Can you give this a try & see if it fixes your particular issue.

    You will need to install it using FTP.

    Download and unzip the enclosed attachment.

    Now using FTP, navigate to /wp-content/plugins

    Delete the existing appointments folder.

    Now upload the enclosed appointments folder from the zipfile to the /plugins folder.

    Hopefully this should fix the issue for you.

    Hope this helps

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