Can't Select Subscription/Membership Level at Registration Page


I'm very confused with the membership plugin.

I've got two membership levels that I'm using to differentiate between two types of user.

One is "Parents" and will be a free membership and will always be a free membership.
The second one is "Care Providers" and will be a monthly membership that is run through PayPal.

I've got both levels set up and activated. I've got both subscriptions types activated and made public. I've got both the PayPal Gateway and the Free Gateway activated (PayPal eMail is put in already). I've also got the membership plugin enabled.

However, on the registration page there seems to be no option to select which subscription/membership level the user would like to sign up with. I've attached a screenshot of my registration page.

Also, the plugin created a "checkout" page that has this message on it: "This feature is currently disabled by the system administrator." - Does this have something to do with not being able to choose the membership level on SignUp?