Cant set my api for the root site

I have been struggling with this problem since the beginning of 2013.Until very recently I have never been able to make any progress. If you study the ticket below you will see what the problem is.

I believe the problem is simply that I can’t set the API. My suspicion is that happened when you combine all the accounts that the end of 2012 or whenever that was.

I have reached the end of my rope if we don’t fix this now I would like to cancel my account and get a refund.

Here’s a ticket I put in some time ago complaining about the problem.

Fallow that post and you will see the problem. Was answered promptly by someone named Anang Staff 1,017 #97

Unfortunately, I cannot respond to that ticket because magically I have been transformed a nonmember soon as I placed at the ticket. Of course I never get any emails telling me that of an action that took place.

Recently a Tech for the sales side fixed that problem at

The string that he supplied me to force the correct API does not work with my main site The correct email address should be are

On my main dashboard at

If I click on view all activity, I am taking to This 404 page.

It tries to set me up with an old email address, that does not exist anymore. I thought that if I could change it to everything would be all right. I am unable to change it when I say lost password it doesn’t recognize my email address. even though I recently visited my profile and put that email in their.

The next move is yours. Support access is ACTIVE until July 15, 2015 4:09 pm

Text me at 352.446.0164 Email