Can't toggle activation on membership levels

I'm sure I'm overlooking something obvious... I had a batch transfer of members from Ning and would like to assign our "basic" membership to them all initially. However, I can't toggle activation of that level. In fact, I can't toggle activation of two of our three levels. Both those that won't toggle already had members assigned to them...

Tried de-activating those members, no dice. Can't drop members from the level temporarily because the the levels I need to drop them from don't show on the drop-down menu...

Can you help me work this one?

BTW, we think this plugin is fantastic - it was exactly what we wanted for our site. :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

  • Renaissance Media

    Ack! Now one of our subscription levels is not showing in the dashboard as available to assign. Not only can't we toggle it on, but there is no Paypal button showing on our registration page.

    Additionally, when we continue to the second and third pages of our user listings on the admin side, the pages are configured completely differently from the first page of names. There is no option to add levels or subscriptions... It just shows the same info as the MU user list. Weird...

    Can someone give us a hand? We had over 100 people register overnight and we need to get n front of this thing asap. There are another 700 invitations outstanding, most of whom will want our mid-level package.

  • Renaissance Media

    OK, solved the problem of the PP button not showing. That was totally my error - I didn't drag the level description into the subscription... Duh to me.

    However, we are having problems with the admin-side. When we try to "Edit Members", pages 2 and beyond link to the wrong place. That is to say that we get a user list with no ability to edit levels or subscriptions.


    Our Basic membership should restrict/block access to our Co-op page and our "LIVE" page. It does not. Even a stranger can access those. Very frustrating. How can we fix this?

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