Can't upload a theme, an error occured


after activating the most of your plugins I wanted to upload a theme but an error is occured:

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

I deactivated all theme related plugins but it had not helped. What can be important is that I use only plugins developed by wpmudev at the moement.

Do you have any ideas?


  • Vaughan

    Hi @bart,

    It's likely some of those plugins might conflict with each other. Some of them also may not work correctly with Buddypress installed too.

    Can you try disabling all plugins and see if it works then.

    You should only install the plugins you actually need & use, having them all will seriously cause issues with the site.

    Follow this to see if there's a conflict.

    Hope this helps

  • Bart


    theme upload was unable even after turning off all plugins.

    how do I know which plugins don't work with each other? what if I will have similar problem when I having 1000 clients?

    one of your plugins caused cookies problem with chrome so I could't log in to admin panel as well. forgive me if I am wrong but I use plugins because I am not a developer. that is why I paid for your services and was obvious for me that if there is one developer, there should be compatibility between all plugins.


  • Vaughan


    That's like saying because boeing create a 737 plane and a 747, that a computer software for a 747 will be compatible with a computer from a 737. Same manufacturer, but different machines, they both control the plane, but they have different methods of doing so. Maybe a bad analogy.

    But some plugins have conflicting features.

    For instance, Custom admin bar, remove permalinks plugin, remove dashboard widgets, all seperate plugins.

    But Ultimate Branding plugin has all these features built in, therefore they will conflict with each other, so if you use ultimate branding, you don't need those 3 plugins.

    Forums plugin, is not compatible with Buddypress. You can check a plugins compatibility on each of the plugin project pages.

    For instance. if under compatiblity.

    wordpress 3.9.1 = plugin is only compatible with a single site installation.

    multisite 3.9.1 = plugin is only compatible on a multisite install.

    wordpress 3.9.1
    multisite 3.9.1 = plugin is compatible with both multisite & single sites

    buddypress 2.xx = plugin is compatible with buddypress.

    if it doesn't say buddypress, then it's not compatible with buddypress.

    Pick your plugins because you need them, not because you might or another member might want them. and only install them when you need them, for every plugin you have active, it will slow your site down eventually.

    Can you re grant support access using the dashboard plugin. Dashboard > wpmudev > support > support access

    Hope this helps

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