Can't upload certain media

My wordpress multisite install is not not letting us upload any Microsoft Office files (.doc etc) even though they are listed as acceptable file types and NOT over the upload limit. - We all keep getting the message - File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.

I turned off all plugins - and still go the error. HELP! My users need to be able to upload files!
Thanks in advance!


  • mamaestes
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    I've tried multiple files, the extension is lowercase, there are no spaces, underscores or odd characters in the names of the files. I'm finding that I can't upload Excel spreadsheets either - even though the file types are white listed. I've tried tiny file sizes and and larger file sizes. Nothing.

    If I use the PJW-Mime-Config plugin, and manually enter those file types...they work. But I have a multisite install and don't want to have to do this for EVERY blog.

    Was supposed to roll this out to our teachers this week - so am desperate for an answer! Can give access to you if necessary to look at the files and code.

  • mamaestes
    • Flash Drive

    Okay - found a plugin that I could network activate that took care of the Microsoft files and will use the PJW-Mime-Config plugin on a blog by blog basis for other files. Thanks.

    I'd love to know where to go to hard code the file types into my WP install so that all bloggers could have all file types...anyone?

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    They should be allowed if you have them entered in the field on your Dashboard -> Super Admin -> Options page. There shouldn;t be a need to fall back to a plugin.

    You mention teachers in your post. Are you uploading to a school server and/or over a school network? Maybe be an issue with something your IT folks have in place. *.doc files are notorious for security problems and I've seen schools blacklist them from the network.

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