Can't use Activity Plus on Multisite install


Have WP Multisite setup, all latest versions, site 1 is blog and general purpose site, site 2 is a Buddypress social community for users of site 1.

Buddypress is installed on site 2 – which must be done via the wp-config, it does show in the network plugin page but it can’t be network activated or will conflict with the config.

BuddyPress Activity Plus has been ftp’d and network activated, but because Buddypress is not activated – BuddyPress Activity Plus does not show in the site 2 admin/plugin page.

I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible, it makes sense to me but writing for others is rarely straight forward :slight_smile:

Any advise would be very appreciated.

I did do a search and found a conversation about a near identical problem, it was marked as resolved, but the poster did not say how :slight_frown: