Can't use Domain Mapping

Hello guys,

I was trying to use the Domain Mapping plugin from the user's Wordpress, but I couldn't do it.

For example, I have a user that has this own blog at at Wordpress Multisite.

So, to use the Domain Mapping, I must have a web hosting for the client's domain, right? Let's say that I have the (client's domain) at Cpanel.

What should I do now?

You say at the Usage of the plugin that the client has to create a CNAME Record.
First question: what he has to do with all the CNAMEs that he already has at Cpanel? Remove all of them? Kepp some of them?

Then, at the CNAME Record creation:
- Name: should be ""? But when we try to enter this, it doesn't allow subdirectories.
- TTL: 14400
- Type: CNAME
- CNAME: should be ""? Again, it doesn't allow me this.

Then, with the A Record, the same questions:
- It doesn't allow me to enter a subdirectory,
- and I don't know what I have to do with the other A records that the Cpanel has.