Cante get Domain Mapping to work

So after purchasing the multi-domain plugin and being told it was the wrong one I purchased the Domain Mapping plugin in order to get my sites within a network of sites to have their own domain each, however I can’t seem to get it to work…

My main website is and my secondary site is, which I want to mat to U gave pointed the domain to IP which is a dedicated IP for this networks of sites (this a record was created 6 days ago). However when I navigate to Tools-Domain Mapping in my site and try to map it I get the following message:

“We can’t acces your new domain. Mapping a new domains can take as little as 15 mintures to resovle but in some cases can take up to 72 hours, so please wait if you just bought it. If it is an existing domain and has already been fully propagated, check your DNS records are configured correctly”.

I believe my configurations are correct and was hopping you could tell me why I might be getting this error or how to actually check if my configurations are correct.

I look forward to your comments. Thanks in advance!