Capacity not matching up with reservations available

I have my capacity for my appointments set to 4 - which if I am reading correctly means that I can have 4 appointments set for any given time slot. But when I go to test the functionality, all I can do is a single appointment per time slot. I need to be able to take 4 appointments simultaneously with the same provider. How can I adjust to make that possible?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @carly,

    The capacity doesn't work like that in appointments,

    The capacity requires a provider for each capacity.

    So if you set the capacity to 5, then you also need a minimum of 5 providers assigned to that service.

    So say if you have 10 providers that are assigned to use service A
    Set the capacity to 5.

    So now, users can book with any provider, but only 5 services can be booked at that same time.

    so essentially, if 5 users book that service with each different provider, then nobody else will be able to book that service for that time slot, even if the remaining 5 providers are available at that time.

    You can assign dummy providers to make up the extra providers if you only use 1 provider. But the bookings would still need to be made 1 at a time. Appointments was designed as an appointment system for one2one appointments.

    We are looking at making the booking system a lot more flexible in a future release, but I can't give any ETA's on when this will be complete.

    Hope this helps

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