Capacity Settings not working for A+

Hi Again,

So far the plugin is working well. However, my setting have two service providers who can handle up to 12-14 appointments each. But when I make a single appointment it blocks that person out completely for the time slot even though I have their capacity set at 14.

Thanks in advance.

  • Patrick

    Hi @BMGcreative

    That's because the Capacity setting does not increase the capacity beyond the number of service providers per service, it is there so you can limit it to number lower than the number of service providers available for any given service. Say for example, you have a location that can be used for any service, but by only one provider at a time. You could limit that service to 1, even though you have 5 providers for the service.

    If you need to increase the capacity beyond the number of service providers available for it, the easiest way is to create as many dummy service providers as you need. For example, you have 2 service providers who can take 12 appointments at a time, so you would create 10 dummies.

    Note though that dummy providers can only be assigned to one real provider who would receive all the notifications.

  • Patrick

    Hi @BMGcreative

    Is there any alternative method or addon that could support this feature?

    Yes there is. :slight_smile:

    Using dummy service providers requires no coding. However, the alternative requires an addition to your theme's functions.php file.

    For all the juicy details, see the following FAQ topic in Appointments+ in your admin:
    I want to accept more than one appointment applications for each time slot. Entering higher numbers in "capacity" field in Services tab does not work. Why?

  • jacomacdr

    Hello PXWM!

    Thanks for the help!
    The action on the dropdown field will be to select and lock the available spots per service, for example in my calendar there's a Service called Surf Class which has a capacity of 10 persons per class, so in the front end at the calendar when people chose a desire day and hour they will be taken to the form and if they select a number of persons of 5 the capacity for that Service will be reduced by 5 and also the price will be multiplied by 5 and will display the total to pay.

    Here's the screenshots you asked, once again many thanks for the interest and your help!

  • pxwm

    Hi @jacomacdr

    Many thanks for the information.

    Having checked all the settings I would appreciate if you could confirm the following:-

    In your example if a client books the 'Service' called 'Surf Class' and then selects 5 from the dropdown for the number of people attending the class then how does this reduce the number of available places in the class for the date/time booked?

    e.g. Have you added some bespoke code and if so I would be interested what you have added and in what file?

    I also have one observation about your 'Working Hours' settings:-

    Assuming you require the client to select a 'Service' then a 'Service Provider' then it may be best not to have any of the 'no specific provider' Working Hours 'Work?' field set to 'Yes'.

    However if you are allowing the client to book a 'Service' without having to select a 'Service Provider' then you will need the 'no specific provider' Working Hours set.

    Also have you set the 'Working Hours' for Carlos?

    I've also noticed that you have set each 'Service Provider' as a 'dummy'
    To confirm you need one 'real' 'Service provider' that will be assigned to all the appointments.
    You then also need to assign all the 'dummy' Service Providers to the 'real' Service Provider.
    This is achieved by:-

    Logging in to your Wordpress dashboard as Admin
    Then select the A+ Settings
    Then select the 'General' tab
    Then scroll down to the 'Accessibility Settings'
    Then in the 'Assign dummy service providers to' field select the 'real' Service Provider from the dropdown.

    Interestingly, looking at your 'Services' and 'Service Providers' you may wish to consider creating 1 x 'real' Service Provider and 9 x 'dummy' Service Providers and assigning all of them to all the 'Services'.
    You then don't need any bespoke code as you will be able to book up to 10 people per date/time per class.

    You can then set the capacity value for each 'Service' to '0'.

    I hope this helps


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