captcha on sign up form? anti splog and others


I am getting a lot of sign ups (mostly spammers) and trying to come up with the best combination to combat that. I know you can't stop it fully but it looks like mostly bots right now.

I have the Si Captcha installed but that isn't showing up on my register page. See screen shot.

I also now have the Comment Pack and anti splog plug ins installed as well.

I suspect that because I am using the register page versus the wp-signup page it won't show up?

As you can see from the screenshot, you enter a username and email and it's off to the races. That creates an account which of course never gets confirmed. I would like to have the register/sign up page integrated into my theme as it is now but with some better protection to help prevent the bots from making accounts.

What is the correct way to get this done?

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    I'm using Anti-Splog and it's worked great so far. A few false positives and I tweaked it.

    I use the Defined Question Option - Captcha's have been getting compromised by bots using anti-captcha services for awhile.

    It's not fool proof but it does require human intervention to put in the answer to a simple question. Most of the sploggers are going for 100+ splogs an hour and won't mess with anything that requires them to manually input an answer.

    Don't know about the wp-signup vs register page though. I use the wp-signup.

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    So far I still got nothing for this captcha. Not on any page for anything. I show it activated and settings clicked on but it doesn't show up anywhere.

    If you got to the site - and click on log in or register on the top right corner you can do both without having any challenge at all.

    Anyone know what I am missing to get this working?


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    Heya Joe

    I have the Si Captcha installed but that isn't showing up on my register page. See screen shot.

    That appears fine to me See screenshot.

    Second, as you have got si-captcha installed, that might be conflicting with the captcha feature of the antisplog plugin.

    Please check and advise. Also lemme know if you need any help in setting up AntiSplog for you, I can go to your dashboard and have it done for you :slight_smile:


    I research and try my best so that my responses are helpful. Appreciate a + if it is. If it's not, please let me know so that I study more before I write my exams here :slight_smile:.

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    I turned the Si back on beings the other one wasn't working for me. Would like to use the Anti-splog plug in for this if that is doable. If you can help get the settings right so it works I am all for it. I can email you the info to log in. let me know where to send. Thanks.

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    The reason that you are unable to use AntiSplog's Captcha Verification in user registration on you site is as below

    1: You site is supporting : User accounts may be registered. now when a user signs up, AntiSplog is not asking for any kind of veficatioin as its designed to protect your site from Splogs (Spam Blogs) and it does not cover user registration(I have concluded it with the tests I have performed on my test site)

    So far I still got nothing for this captcha. Not on any page for anything. I show it activated and settings clicked on but it doesn't show up anywhere.

    It does appear, please see screenshot (it appears on the next step when one is signing up for a site)

    2: Now, as you are not offering Subsites on your website, I do not think Anti-Splog would be a thing you need to use. (Unless someone has a different opinion on it - Ofcourse I am not a Developer, just digging my way out of your problem), you may want to use a plugin which protects the user registration rather than a blog signup (Like sicaptcha you are using as of now)

    Alternatively, you may use wp-reCAPTCHA plugin from here

    It will protect comment, registration, and email spam protection (I bet we also have one for the same purpose, will search and let you know once we get this issue resolved)

    Please see the screenshots attached, I hope they help and clear the issue for you.

    @aecnu : I would like you to review this post and post your comments on it whether I have explained it in a right way or not !

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    @Joe Karl, I have not made any changes to your site settings ( I understand its live :slight_smile: ) Please review the post I have sent with screenshots and get @aecnu's approval too if you'd like.

    Rest, if you need my help in getting the things setup, I am always available :slight_smile:


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    It appears that the captcha mystery is solved!

    PC is spot on that the anti-splog is not a front line defense like captcha, it is more like an after the fact of checking a blog after it has been created.

    SI Captcha it seems has been a problem for many, so don't feel alone there.

    In my case I use "Cats" Captcha that is integrated with Pro Sites plugin and those few humans that actually got past it that tried to create a splog, there splog got eaten by anti-splog quickly but safely.

    Antisplog also has the Changing the signup page location every 24 hours but i chose not to use it since I did not personally want to mess with the URL's but it is certainly effective.

    @PC another job well done and some more rep points sent your way

    Cheers, Joe

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    @Joe, thanks for the points :slight_smile: I tried a lot of combinations before coming to the above conclusion. Now I am on my way to help Joe Karl, use the right plugins which would serve his purpose :slight_smile:


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    Hello there @Jagan, I hope you're well today!

    This is a reaaally old post...
    The original poster of this thread is no longer a member on these forums, there's no reason for them to get notifications on their email about a 3-year-old thread they created that has been resolved for them.
    Could you please create a new thread instead?
    A lot of things have changed in 3 years, I'm sure not all of the replies above are relevant to your issue. :slight_smile:

    I'll just go ahead and close this thread to future comments, please create a new one instead!


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