captcha on sign up form? anti splog and others


I am getting a lot of sign ups (mostly spammers) and trying to come up with the best combination to combat that. I know you can't stop it fully but it looks like mostly bots right now.

I have the Si Captcha installed but that isn't showing up on my register page. See screen shot.

I also now have the Comment Pack and anti splog plug ins installed as well.

I suspect that because I am using the register page versus the wp-signup page it won't show up?

As you can see from the screenshot, you enter a username and email and it's off to the races. That creates an account which of course never gets confirmed. I would like to have the register/sign up page integrated into my theme as it is now but with some better protection to help prevent the bots from making accounts.

What is the correct way to get this done?