Capturing data while accepting donation

I'm searching for a way to capture some extra information when someone makes a donation. I'm pulling funder info and placing it on a page in my template where we thank them. I would like to have a user be able to choose to donate anonymously, include their first name on our page, their first and last name on our page, or be able to provide their twitter username. Anyone accomplish anything like this yet?

  • Cole

    This is definately a feature request that I plan to address with an easy to use customization form, but that will require lots of testing and such so no release timeline on that feature. For the time being you can take a look at paypal.php and template-functions.php to hook in your own variables.

    So if you are not code adverse then take a look at the paragraph below to help guide you in the right direction until I can provide a more permanent fix.

    You'll want to look at the handle_ipn() function in paypal.php to save extra info to the $transaction array. Now capturing that data in the first place is a bit more complicated which is why this hasn't made it into a release quite yet. You'll need to make adjustments to the $_POST['custom'] when using process_simple and process_advanced. Doing so will break things in handle_ipn so you need to find a way of pulling out the same information and adding your own. I can't really say exactly how you do this because it depends on the kind of data you are capturing. This is a bit more complicated but you can also look for a commented out line that was an earlier attempt at using transient data that you can retrieve during the handle_ipn() function call. You can find more info about that here.

    If you have more questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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