Cards are not being charged! The campaign is full funded, 53 cards are pre-approved, but no funds!

This is an EMERGENCY.

We’re on our second campaign.

53 cards have been pre-approved.

The campaign is full funded.

But cards are not being charged and no money has moved to our account!

If we can’t charge their cards, we can’t move to the next step in our process to create their product and if we can’t do that we can’t fulfill the promises we’ve made to our client.

How shall we proceed?!?

I’ve granted access to Vinod to our test version (wp3) so he could solve the problem of getting the addresses out of the system without messing up our live site. But the current problem is on the live site.

This is quickly becoming a quagmire.

How shall we proceed?!?

Both of our outstanding issues emergencies and so far I’ve heard nothing positive from Vinod.