Carts follow user/view multiple carts at once?

I am setting up an etsy-type storefront where each user will create their own marketplace shop on my site. I will be taking a commission from each sale and have disable Global Cart (as I understand those two cannot be used together), which I'm fine with. I am wondering, however, if the buyers cart can "follow them" or if they'll be able to see their multiple carts from multiple shops at one time? Etsy does this now, you can view your cart and it shows what you have added to your cart from each shop/store but you must check-out separately with each this possible with Marketpress?

  • Patrick

    Hi @jessica_hart_stansberry

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    Not out of the box, no.

    The only way to have products from multiple stores appear in the cart is to have the global cart enabled. But, as you wish to collect a commission from sub-site sales, that won't work.

    However, with a bit of creative php fiddling, you or a developer should be able to call and display sub-site shopping carts (with products in 'em) in a custom sidebar template that you can use wherever you want in your theme.

    Although it sounds like a fun project, I wouldn't know how to begin coding that myself though.

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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