Case study featured on WPML, about Domain Mapping+WPML

Hi there team!

Today an article is published on WPML, where I (well, my site) is featured on a case-study.

I have been interviewed by Agnes who is working for WPML, because some months ago I talked with Amir Helzer at WordCamp Europe on the compatibility between Domain Mapping and WPML.

Amir had just said on stage ( ) that there *might* be an issue with WPML and domain mapping, and I told him it works in my case, that I was using your (WPMUDev) domain mapping (not Donncha+Ron's), and in conjunction with multi-domain etc. There is a slight issue (something I must set manually) but I prefer to open another topic for that, under plugin forum.

My service / .net is something I kept private for long time (and was non-WP oriented until about 2012), I have several clients on the multisite platform, all came from different sources (friends, local etc) and are beta-testers for me.

I didn't allow automated registration via Pro Sites until now. I will open it to the public in some time, I just wait for some charter members, their feedback, the server load, security, etc, and if I can improve things before to fully-launch... in the lean way.

In the case study, some other WPMUDev plugins are mentioned, either by Agnes or by me.

Please tell me if there is something obviously wrong about your plugins in the article :slight_smile:

I'm glad to finally share something I do here... more to come very soon!


PS: I post later in a comment below when I post on my blog and add some details to my plans page (list of plugins/themes)