Cash on Delivery

Is there a posibility to allow cash on delivery, and make it default? I would also like to disable paypalfor all users.


  • Jonathan

    I've only just started playing around with marketpress, so forgive me if I misunderstand your question :wink:

    You can deactivate gateways ("paypal") by going products > settings > payments. At the top
    Select Payment Gateway(s) just select or deselect those you don't want.
    As for COD (cash on delivery) you could use the manual payments, meaning user clicks manual payment, which puts product purchase as 'Received'. You can instruct the user by filling out these fields
    Method Name: COD (Cash on Delivery)
    User Instructions: whatever you want to inform the user that payment will be made on delivery
    Confirmation User Instructions: this is after user has clicked the confirm payment button (you might want to ask how to rename that?) and he is taken to confirmation screen. Here you can inform user again about COD, and that there order will be in recieved status until order is shiped. Then you mark the order as shipped once you ship it.
    Order Confirmation Email: Again letting them now about COD

    Or you could code your own personal gateway using the manual gateway as a blueprint. Cash on demand is easy as you don't have to program api ins stuff with third party (2checkout, paypal etc)

    Hope that helps a bit,

  • DavidM

    Thanks again for your help Jonathan. I think he might be referring Multisite usage of MarketPress, at which point the options to turn off gateways sitwide would be done through the Network Admin page.

    JM, to turn on/off gateways sitewide (to make them available or not), you can simply go to Network Admin -> Settings > MarketPress and tick the gateways you'd like to be available on your site. Any unticked gateways will not be available to users.

    And as for COD, I really couldn't say it better than Jonathan described. Ultimately, the Manual Payments gateway should provide all you'd need there!

    Hope that helps!


  • JM

    I was very busy translanting the plugin so I didn't quite understood why I couldn't see the payment gateways in the network admin. I' ve looked at the network admin and I saw that the "paypal issue" appears only when global shopping cart is enabled (maybe I am not going to use it in order to avoid this little problem).

    In order to select Manual Payment, you have to disable global shopping cart. I think it's a good thing to make it available also with global shopping cart selected.

    Thank you both for your help! Much appreciated!

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