Catch 22? seems impossible

ok.. i have a sports site.

Aside from spell checking and getting fresh content up the site is pretty much ready to go.. except for one minor problem.. i cant register people AND have them pay me?

ok heres the problem..

USers go to the site... they say oh let me register.. they sign up.

they now are registered users.. thats a HUGE problem because now they cant upgrade since apparently membership wont allow Registered users to upgrade... because they are already members?

am i missing something?

all im tryin to do is to get registered members to view the upgraded paying options page. thats it.

I also might add that when a users registers to my site they automatically become a "guest".. if there is a way for someone who register's to have NO status then that would work.. but as far as i know the plugin forces them to at least become strangers.