Categories and Parents not displaying in Correct Order on Sidebars

Hi,Please go to my site,, and check out the sidebar on every page. (there is a redirect to our OLD site right now, so go to . Check out the right sidebar. I have restructured our site to have 25 primary categories and over 220 sub categories. EVERY Category, sub-category, and Parent (these mirror the categories and sub-categories) has been numbered. I started with a numbering convention with dashes between Category Number and sub-category number. EX: 1-1, 1-2, etc. ALL the sidebars, and the wiki list in the dashboard, and the category list in the dashboard showed up like it does right now. Specifically, it shows 1., 1.1, . . . then 10., 10.1, . . . 19.8, then 2., 2.1, then 20., 20.1, . . 25.9, then 3., 3.1, . . . 3.4, 4., 4.1, etc till reaching 9-28.
I changed from using a dash between the numbers to a decimal point because I thought that was why the lists showed up like that. As you can see, after changing almost 250 Categories and Sub-Categories, AND their Parent pages (ANOTHER 250 revisions) it STILL shows up in this totally illogical way. It SHOULD show up in numerical order, since it is sorting on the name of the Category, Sub, and Parent. AND, numerically, 2. should show up AFTER 1, not 19. ALSO, every Parent category and sub-category is correctly 'Ordered' in the wikis. The existing WP sorting scheme is NOT user friendly, and does not provide what a normal user wants or needs. It is using Lexical sorting rather than natural sorting.

I have noticed that MANY users, working with MANY different WP apps have complained about this exact same problem. Here's a REALLY good one: .

This HAS been addressed by Mainframe developers as well as PC Developers for MANY years (IE: Microsoft Office products), but WP is STILL using a scheme that puts the users needs AFTER those of the programmer.

PLEASE tell me how to fix this so they show up in the correct, 'natural' numerically sorted order.


Mary :o)