Categories Plugin breaks when Member belongs to 2+ level's

This is a new thread continued from over here.

When you add a second Level to a Member the categories widget will break. It will only display non-member categories. It doesn't display either category that user has access to because of the level but it still displays the content the user is supposed to have access to.

The categories widget will display correctly when Members only have one Level assigned to them.

Is there a way to make sure the categories widget displays each category(level) the user has access to?

  • DavidM

    Hi aaronecp,

    Thanks for creating a new thread on this. I think multiple concurrent access levels (formerly called membership leves) and subscriptions are a bit experimental at this point, which would explain the widget issue.

    While the plugin allows for concurrent access levels and subscriptions in the back-end, there's not a way to make that happen through the front-end (users can only select a single subscription).

    However, I'm thinking this might possibly work as long as the rules aren't conflicting between those access levels. Have you looked into that?

    Also, would it be possible to not stack those access levels and basically just remove other levels when adding them to members?


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