Categories/Sub-Categories with Classifieds

I know that this has been discussed here “ad-nauseum” because I’ve done the research yesterday/last night and read a boatload of posts about it. But, I was trying to set up a test classified website for my wife.

Maybe I’m a bit ambitious with what I’m thinking, but I was thinking I could have a top-level category of Clothes, and then sub-categories of Adult with sub-sub-categories of Male and Female. Of course, there would be other sub-categories of Clothes such as Teen, Children, and Baby probably (each having their own sub-sub-categories). Plus, there would be sub-categories of Clothes for things like accessories, handbags, maybe hats, or whatever (all those choices are up to her).

I figured that since CustomPress is now a part of Classifieds, I could follow the suggestion of @Mason in this thread (, but I put the category name in the category taxonomy and then when I put the subcategory name in the sub-category taxonomy, I can’t choose the category name as the “Parent”.

Bottom line of my question is, is this possible with the current version of Classified? Or do I just need to do a work-around for now until/if this feature is implemented? I could do this by just creating all the different variations in the master category list, but that just seems a bit clunky.

I also found a thread that had some code changes that could be made to accomplish this, but then FireFox decided to go wonky and I can’t find the thread again. Who knows? Maybe I dreamed that solution.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any suggestions here. Links to posts/articles with potential solutions would be greatly appreciated.

James Dunn

Athens, GA USA