Categorised Ad Targeting for Multisite


I am using a large selection of your awesome plugins for one of my multisites in order to provide a video gaming related network. Customers are able to choose from a wide range of gaming themed wordpress sites each targeting different games.

I have had a look at (and tried out) a few of your advertising plugins and was wondering if there was any way for them to target a specific site category? For example, only counterstrike adverts on those who use the counterstrike theme?

I have seen a few plugins out there that handle categorising multisites but nothing that allows you to then target those categories with ads. The only solution I can think of is to set up a separate multisite for each game. Which, while it wouldn’t be the end of the world, I would probably regret when updates come around.

If you can already do this or you have any ideas on how to best achieve this without leaving your integrated system, I’m all ears! Thanks again.