Category limitations and speed

I want to create a directory that will have a huge number of categories. First, I want to include all 50 states and then include regions of that state. Next, I want to add categories for things like Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Services and so on to make it similar to Craigslist. Will that slow down the site with too many categories?

  • LubyG
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks for the input especially about the plugin. I was wondering how to make it easy for site visitors to sort through 50 states.

    I did notice that the guy who created that plugin says there is no support of any kind, paid or free. That might be a good feature to add on to the Directory Plugin.

    Maybe this is the wrong place to suggest improvements to the plugin but here you go.
    1. Multiple payment levels or types of listings. For example, Basic Listing and Enhanced Listing. Enhanced may contain more information and things like a Google Map or Tabs like Business Description, Location, Contact, Coupon etc.
    2. Separate pages into Create New Account and Login. I can tell you from experience people do not read. They often miss that New Account tab.
    3. Allow us more control over what the form says. Instead of New Listing I would want mine to say Add Coupon Offer. Next to Excerpt I would want the words "Optional".
    4. We should also allow for creating our own custom fields to make sure those who are listing put in all their info like Phone, Address, Social Media Address, Web Address etc. Here is an example on one of my other websites which uses User Profiles Made Easy.

    Just some thoughts and thanks for the help Jack!

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