Category Listing Page side bar widgets under listings

Something Ive been racking my brain over all day today. The widgets on the category listing pages are below the listings and not to the right of them like they should be. it seems to be specific to the listing page. I cant seem to find any open tags and didnt make any changes to the css code to make this happen. any thoughts on what it could be?

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @neuroticartist

    Thank you for posting to the Community.

    I had a quick look with the inspect tool and found that the flow of div classes as follows:

    div.sidebar.sidebar_right » div.sidebar_top » div.sidebar_bottom » div.widget

    All of these with a width of 960 px. And the sidebar text widget that you've got there is actually placed in the bottom sidebar div, hence it's displaying at the bottom.

    I noticed you've got your own theme and you've done some custom work. Hence I can't tell exactly where you need to make the changes, but looking into the theme files would be a good place to start. See what page template you're using for the listings page (it looks to me like you're using the template where the content is supposed to display on the right hand side). The php file for this might be designed to display the sidebar at the bottom.

    I'm sorry that I can't be of more assistance here. Hope you get sorted. Please let me know the outcome of your investigation.

    All the best.


  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @neuroticartist

    I used both Chrome and Firebug to inspect. You sometimes get to see a bit more info when you look at a site in different browsers. I did a search in Firebug for the size 960 px - in all the css files that are used on that page (since that's the size of the widget column when you select that block). However, no where in the css could I find that size. It's so strange. When the sidebar is mentioned in the css it is the correct size. Really confused me when I looked at it.

    Have you tried, for interest sake (just to eliminate any plugin/theme conflict) to change back to the standard Twenty Eleven theme? If the problem still persist, then it's not related to the theme and we need to investigate further. Could it be a plugin to plugin conflict? Same method of elimination would apply.

    Look forward to your feedback.


  • neuroticartist

    I actually found it and fixed it, it was a /div issue. for anyone else that finds this post, I noticed that there were a lot of people posting online about it when customizing pages.

    here is a great place to start:

    it will check your page for any and all errors. I found that there was a /DIV closing tag near the footer that didnt belong. It must have come from something I removed early on. It was near the very bottom of my page-listings.php.

    So that did the trick. Thanks for your help and hopefully this post can help someone else with a sidebar problem.

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