Category Options not displaying correctly????????

Hi All.
i'm using marketpress on my website and need some help.

ideally i want to only have display on the main store page the main categories
ie: I have created an audio & visual category, and not created any products in it. But then created a sub category for monitors, another category for speakers. these 2 sub categories ideally should only be displayed if someone clicks on the audio & visual category, kind of like an expanding / drop menu.

is this possible

Also do you know why there is a gap between the categories audio & visual and monitors??
not sure why it is doing this!!

  • Kimberly

    Hello Wayne and thanks for using WPMUdev forums.

    Expanding/Drop categories is something we have seen a few questions about lately in Marketpress. I would like to see this option as well. It would be great if you could post a request for this in our feature request forums, to see how many votes it would get.

    The display of your Categories is odd for sure. I'm testing in our Framemarket theme and it's showing up fine so I think it has to do with the way your theme displays the subcategories

    How are you displaying your Categories? If you are using the shortcode then you can use these variables to help refine the display (I got this from clicking on the varialbles option next to the shortcode in the Marketpress>Options>Shortcode page)

    Of particular interest to you would be
    (boolean) Display sub-categories as inner list items (below the parent list item) or inline. The default is true (display sub-categories below the parent list item). Valid values:

    1 (True) - Default
    0 (False)

    Please let me know if this helps! If not then we will investigate a little further :slight_smile:



    If the above action did not result in the resolution or common end to this ticket then please feel free to come back here for comment. Just be sure you mark "Not Resolved" to re-open or we might miss it! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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