FrameMarket: Category specific page


How do I tackle these issues?...In order to fetch articles from one specific category and display those on page (created a sub-menu for that) I've created a Category Specific page by copying the "category.php" and gave it a name (category-name.php) before saving it in my theme folder. Now the issues are

a) The articles are appearing on the Category Specific Page list but also appearing on the blogs page do I avoid that duplication? I want that to appear only once.

b) This line of code is fetching thumbnails in the the "Blogs List Page" but not in "Category Specific Page List" <?php the_post_thumbnail('thumbnail',array( 'style'=>'float:left;margin:5px 20px 0px 0px;' ));?>

c) How do I remove this? (please see screenshot)