CC info from cache used to pay for test user!

I had been doing a little (unsuccessful) testing earlier today. Tonight, I created a new test user. Different email, different name, etc. But on creating the new user, I noticed on Stripe that my earlier info (my real name, my other email, and the fake testing cc info) was used to pay for this new user!

First of all, the concern is that this info was saved, which I would think is a compliance and security issue of some sort. Second, this implies that, on a shared computer, one person's info could be used to pay for everyone who uses the computer.

Can someone please address this and let me know if this can be fixed? It's very important obviously. I'll be happy to give access to my site and to Stripe. (@pc already has this info as well).

This seems like a very important issue, so I hope someone can assist. Thanks so much!