CDN Bandwidth

Hey team, i reached out about a week ago in regards to an email I received that said "Hey Rosario!

You have exceeded your 10GB Smush CDN bandwidth limit…." Now I went into my account and i saw that "92.44 GB of 10.00 GB Used" Now i am not sure how i went over the limit so much and i know we need to update our plan, however; i wasn't sure how much i needed for a monthly amount. So i went to Chat support and talked to one of your agents and told him everything i just told you, and he was confused of the fact we went over so much. He wasn't sure what was going on and wanted to reach out to higher support and get back to me by email or ticket, however i don't see either. So i wanted to make a ticket this time and i wanted to see what can be done. Please let me know if we can estimate what plan we need so i can get approval to upgrade please? Also keep in mind we use these plugins on a ton of website so not sure if that caused the issue but I wanted to make sure it was known. Thank you in advance!