CDN / Object Store Plugin

I previously asked in a post "Static File Rewrite for CDN" to help get support for rewriting all the URL's. I have been trying all the plugins I can find and hacks I could come up. I would like a seamless experience for someone to upload user generated content and have it be directly placed on any object store (like S3).

My concern is the more sites we host the more servers we need and would like to scale out the number of machines we have without having to try to keep each of them in-sync with user generated content.

It seems many, many people have requested these features. I would love to see a new plugin that meets the following requirements. I think this should cover just about everyone's needs I can find on this forum and others.

* Mechanism to publish directly to S3, Google Storage, Swift. Hopefully these are classes which people can create API translations to the actions. I would assume the first and default class would support S3 API.

* Provides the ability to update all static files across all MS sites to one or more asset hosts. This would be the URL to the static content above (wp-content, blogs.dir etc)

* If you choose to use a storage type other then above, you can setup a origin pull for your favorite CDN.

If anyone has any tips and tricks I am all for trying anything out again. Possibly I am missing something.