Centralised/Redirected profile information when working with Buddypress/multisite bbpress

Hello, Just hoping some wiser souls than myself can help clarify the following for me.

I have an administrative question with regard to buddypress, multi site and bbpress.

Intention is to have a multi site network comprising of 4 sites. I have buddy press installed on one but want members to use other functions on other sites such as

The Q and A -WPMUplug in

Forums/Topics -WPMU Plug in or BBpress

Question is can the profile information be centralised, redirected back to the Buddy press page or would i end up with several profile elements in different parts of the network?

Look forward to hearing from you guys.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    BuddyPress works on the network level, meaning that all network users are BP users. The interface for BP is only on one site (usually the main site) though.

    This means that it is possible to direct profiles from sites in the network to their BP page, but that would require some fiddling I suspect.

    bbPress is only able to attach itself to one site, so you wouldn’t be able to have it on your BuddyPress site and another sub-site.

    Our Q&A and Forums plugins can be used anywhere – either on individual sites or network activated to be available on all sites.

    Hope that helps!

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